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Inspiring Worship

The purpose of Inspiring Worship is to create a worship environment where everyone can experience the presence of God. We believe that the symbols and actions of worship are a strong invitation to share in God's grace. We desire to enable and nurture people of all ages to use their varied gifts to support our Inspiring Worship.
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Christ-Like Hospitality

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Nuturing Christian Education

Through Nuturing Christian Education of Oak Ridge UMC, individuals Begin with the Word, enbrace and Belong to a learning community, and strive to Become a Disciple of Jesus Christ.
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Vibrant Children, Youth and Adult Ministries

The purpose of vibrant children, youth and adult ministries is to provide opportunities for Christian connections that build relationships and growth that leads to a personal and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Servant Outreach

The purpose of outreach is to equip and send forth disciples of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of this church as compassionate servants, responding with Christian love to the needs of others in our community and our world.
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