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Access ACS

We are pleased to announce the availability of Access ACS to the community of Oak Ridge United Methodist Church!

Access ACS is a Web-based companion to our church database, giving you and the staff access to vital information over the Internet.

With communication as its backbone, Access ACS becomes a central point of connection for our church to build stronger relationships, become financially and actively involved, and connect to areas of ministry and growth.

Access ACS allows our church to:

  • Help people looking for a small group to search for one that is interesting to them and help Lay Shepherds manage their small groups.
  • Keep track of church events by including a calendar which is updated in real-time. If people see an event they would like to register for, they can do that as well.
  • Give people interested in volunteer opportunities a chance to look for one that is interesting to them and sign up online - and then help the leaders of volunteers keep in better touch with those volunteering.
  • Communicate and interact with attendees and the community around us.

To begin, just follow the link below and use the "New User Login" on the right hand side of the page to submit your name and email address.  The email address should match one that the church has on file for you. 

When you connect to Access ACS, you are connecting to a 128 bit encrypted secure connect, the same thing most online banking programs use. Your information in the database is not searchable, on Google, for example, because it is behind the secure log in. Your information - your personal profile, as well as giving and pledge history, are available only to you.

You can notify the church office to changes and corrections in your profile by clicking the "pencil" icon, which will create a change request that will be processed promptly. 

Other people who have an account in Access ACS can look up your name and see address and phone number information, unless you decide not to display it.  You can tell us if a particular phone number or email address in your profile should be unlisted. 

In your personal preferences, you can decide whether other people can see your address, telephone number and photos, as well as deciding if you want people to see your information in group directories.

access acs start icon


If the login screen says you cannot be found, more than likely we don't have the email address you are using in our files.  Please email us so that we can update this information.  Once that is complete, you should be able to finish the log in process for the first time.

We are looking forward to everyone having the chance to participate in this program and its use in expanding our ministry.  Please contact the church office if you have any questions.