If you are responsible for keeping an article updating, you will have to periodically edit the content to keep it fresh.  This could be simple changes to something like dates or a complete  rewrite.

First, the site administrator will need to privide your account with editor priverages.  Once you have these, you log into the Members Area of the site using the Member Access button on the bottom menu of the Home page.

Navigate to the article you want to edit.  For this example, we will make changes to the Crosswalk song list.

Note the gear icon that appears in the upper right corner of articles (see arrow) to indicate that you have editing capabilities.  Click this icon to move the article from view to edit mode.

The article now appears inside an editor window.  Here, changes can be made similar to using any word processor.  Notice the large SAVE and CANCEL buttons on the top level.  These will end the editing session by saving all changes or aborting without any changes.

The song list can be changed by selecting the text, deleting and adding new text as desired. 

Youtube videos can be added using special commands called tags.  In the picture above the tags are denoted in pink and look like

The tags are in pair and surrond content on which the tags operate.  For Youtube, the text in yellow is the Youtube id which you get from the Youtube website url.  With these tags properly entered, the requested video will be displayed in the frontend.  If you have not typed the tags properly, you may see the actual text which indicates that it was not recongized as a command but instead just text.

Once these changes are complete, click the SAVE button and you will have edited your first article.